Stephen Bell: Film Producer

Stephen is a film producer at Watermark in Dallas, and you'll hear about his journey in navigating his way into storytelling and film production. It took a couple of moves (cross-country and continental) and one or two changes in direction to find himself working in ministry as a film producer.

It's easy to feel like at a certain point we need to "arrive" or have it all figured out, but Stephen refreshingly and candidly shares how, though he's been doing this for a while, he's still trying to navigate his career and the best use of his gifts.

He also shares thoughts on laying aside working with selfish motives and how he pursues his work with freshness, earnestness and effectiveness to communicate the stories he has the privilege of telling. You'll also hear about how he pursues learning and growth, and the importance of having a God-fueled imagination.


Andi Jamison