Sara Garza: Mama Love

I met Sara and her husband, Rocky about three years ago when they were working together as wedding photographers in Dallas. Fast forward three years, they have both transitioned into parenthood and different career ventures, and Sara has extended her love and talent in photography to Mama Love.

Mama Love captures motherhood in every stage, from the birth of a child into the various stages of childhood and family life. With family life and motherhood now being something so near to her heart, Sara captures these sweet, raw moments in the hopes of connecting with moms to not only have a beautiful photo to cherish for years to come, but also use it as an opportunity to connect, encourage and embrace motherhood and it's wonderful complexities.

During our time together, she talks about what it looked like transitioning from an architect, to wedding photographer, to motherhood and family photographer, the importance of being courageous and taking risks where God is giving you an opportunity to do so, and what it looks like to pursue Him in the ever-changing stages of life and career pursuits, and how every risk is worth it when you surrender it to the Lord, and trust him to take the reins, no matter the outcome.

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Andi Jamison