Welcome to The Cheerful Visit!

 Photo by Meredith Crawford of One Social Girl

Photo by Meredith Crawford of One Social Girl

Introductions are always the most challenging, so I'm just going to keep it simple and say welcome to The Cheerful Visit! I could not be more excited to finally get to share this project with you all!

To give you a glimpse of the vision behind the podcast, The Cheerful Visit: The Cheerful Visit was born out of a love for people and a curiosity of seeing the unique and awesome means God has gifted his Church and dispersed them among our cities to glorify him and specifically serve via the gifts they've been given. The podcast will introduce you to individuals within my work circles as well as other talented folks who fall into the description of "creative professional". Within those questions as well, we would hone in on specifics within your current job of being a film producer.

Each guest will discuss their background, journey to their current job, joys and struggles of being a believer in the creative community, building like-minded relationships within your work community, how they define purpose and success, and ultimately, how do they use their faith as the thing to set the trajectory for their work and all that encompasses.

My sincere hope and prayer in this venture is that each listener, as well as the participant, will leave encouraged and spurred on to work for the Lord's purposes, to be encouraged to take risks and seek out opportunities to explore the gifts God has given each individual, and how much excitement and awe of the nature of God and furthering of the Gospel we can experience and share when we give him the reigns to use us within the unique talents and places he's put us.

I hope you enjoy listening! I have had a blast getting to spend time with each guest and hear from them on how God has influenced their lives and creative path! To those that I've had the privilege of meeting with, thank you for your time and sharing your journeys and how God has guided, worked through and brought you closer to himself in the process! I'm so encouraged by you all!

And thank you to those that have encouraged this dream, celebrated the pursuit of the podcast, helped me figure out editing and distribution, developed media content, and listened! It truly takes a village, and I'm so thankful for mine who have come alongside me in this endeavor! So grateful for you all!

Finally, if you wish to personally participate or have someone you'd like to hear on the podcast, feel free to send an email to hello@thecheerfulvisit.com and submit your suggestion! Make sure to subscribe and rate the podcast on iTunes, which will add the podcast to your cue and make it easier for others to find and enjoy listening!


Andi Jamison