Meredith Crawford: One Social Girl

The story of how I met Meredith is a funny one. A mutual friend of ours suggested that I meet her because we both attend Watermark and enjoy similar interests (don't even get me started on our mutual love of all things English). I proceeded to then send her an email basically suggesting that we be friends--shortly thereafter we met up for coffee and the rest is history!

Meredith is a lady that wears many hats! With her brand, One Social Girl, she serves as a social media consultant, writer and photographer for many local brands in the DFW area. If you have any needs pertaining to photography or social media branding and management, you want Meredith on your side! (And, she's also photographed all the content on The Cheerful Visit website) With her venture into rebranding her company from One Sheepish Girl to One Social Girl, she also hosts events that encourage women to build identity and relationships beyond the personas presented on social media.

You'll hear her thoughts on breaking past the labels we put on ourselves and learning how to live in joy and freedom in who God has made you and called you do to.

Not only is she a social media whiz with an impeccable eye, she also is a pro at all things knitting, crochet and embroidery! AND she has her own book that you could walk into Barnes and Noble and buy today--she's that legit. 

Check out her Instagram and website now!

Andi Jamison