A little over two years ago, I found myself newly self-employed. So much change happened at once, and though it was one of the greatest adventures I’ve embarked on, I quickly discovered it was one of my most difficult.

No one could prepare you for the days spent mostly alone, figuring out the new normal and the grind required to start a new business.

I longed for an avenue to connect with other people in my same boat; Christ-followers within my community that were pursuing the gifts and opportunities God had given them. As much as I felt the compelling call to begin this to encourage you where you found yourself in your work journey, the beginning endeavor was to remind myself I was not alone in my own that God had given to me.

God had a plan, and was using the ebs and flows of this new season to bring me closer to Him, and be encouraged by His people.

Fast forward two years, ten episodes later and nearly three years of self-employment under my belt, God has done nothing short of showing up to reveal to me the strength found in Him and his Word, the power of prayer and fellowship with other believers.

After praying and wondering what is next for The Cheerful Visit, I’ve come to the joyful conclusion that it will be a place where a study of home, scripture and life together as believers will collide.

The Cheerful Visit will continue to provide new podcast episodes with broader topics that those dedicated to Christ and the teachings of the Bible encounter daily.

You will also find writings on various topics and Bible teachings, and a focus on cultivating a Gospel-driven home. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by for a visit! I pray in hopeful expectation that you are challenged and encouraged to know God and live in intimate friendship with other Christ-followers!


I could not be more thrilled you have stopped by The Cheerful Visit! 

Aside from being behind the scenes at The Cheerful Visit, I am the owner and designer of Pollen Events, a floral design studio based in Dallas, TX that provides design for weddings and celebrations. It is a joy to be a part of such exciting celebrations in the lives of others! 

Some of my favorite things include: all things involving cheese, being with the people I love, Jimmy Fallon, long walks and dorky dancing, Domino Magazine, anything Jen Wilkin writes and laughing until my sides hurt. 

 Photo by Meredith Crawford of One Social Girl

Photo by Meredith Crawford of One Social Girl